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Announcement - Administrative break

We hereby inform our clients that pursuant to Government Decree No. 369/2022 (IX. 29.) on the government administrative break and the emergency rules applicable to the government administrative break, the Government ordered an administrative break from December 22, 2022 to January 6, 2023.

The duration of the administrative break shall not count – among others – in the period of administrative and other procedures that take place before the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (hereinafter: OGYÉI) either on the applicant's side, or on the Institute’s side.

During the administrative break – as a general rule – OGYÉI will not perform its tasks, the client service will not work, however, in cases that affect patient safety, our colleagues will be available as a standby and be on call to such an extent that the complexity of individual cases requires.

Taking into account the above-mentioned, we kindly ask our clients to contact OGYÉI – during the period of the administrative break – only in these urgent cases affecting patient safety in order to help the work of the Institute and the more efficient performance of its tasks.

In sum, in order to foster the efficient performance of standby and on-call tasks of the OGYÉI, we respectfully ask you to avoid sending applications outside the scope of the above-mentioned cases to the administrative repository of the OGYÉI (OGYEIEUGY). So applications, which require administration according to the normal procedure shall be submitted only after the end of the administrative break.

We kindly request that in urgent cases that endanger patient safety – in addition to the Institute’s official repository – please send your notification via the usual administration channel (email, phone, etc.) mentioned below:

Thank you for your understanding and helpful cooperation.

Last updated: 2022.12.20 15:34