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Authorisation of duty-free donations of medicines

Authorisation of duty-free donations of medicines (aid, clinical trials) - export from Hungary, import to Hungary - and their application in Hungary falls within the competence of the National Institute of Pharmacy (see §25 (4) of the XCV Medicines Act of 2005).

For the import and export of consignments of medicinal products free of charge the following data are necessary to be given:

• name of the sender;
• transportation facilities;
• name and address of the recipient;
• denomination, quantity, serial number and expiry date of the consignment;
• transporter;
• total value of the consignment (including VAT).

Before issuing the authorisation it is examined of high priority whether the batches could be applied before the expiry!

The request for authorisation has to be submitted to the Department of Individual Medicine Import (address: 1372, Pf. 450; fax: +36 1 88 69 470).

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