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Health Technology Assessment

Technology Assessment

Our competence for and expertise in the critical appraisal of health technologies has been supporting governmental decision-making for reimbursement since 2004, in Hungary. These skills are the foundation of the Division for Health Technology Assessment at the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition of Hungary (OGYÉI).

Better and more health, based on reliable and unbiased scientific evidence

Regardless of the exact health technology (i.e. a pharmaceutical, a medical device or any other medical technologies utilized for preventive and/or therapeutical services) submitted for reimbursement, there is a clear need to synthesize various aspects, including clinical and socioeconomic considerations, to arrive at a fair and acceptable final decision. In order to incorporate all relevant issues, critical reviews must rely on published evidence of clinical efficacy and safety, as well as on valid real-life effectiveness data, accompanied by analyses of cost-effectiveness and budgetary impacts. Considering all relevant stakeholders’ aspects is also expected. The Division for Health Technology Assessment of OGYÉI prepares its critical appraisals to facilitate an evidence-based reimbursement process.

Our added value

Health-related financial and legislative decisions affect a wide range of stakeholders, and may have an impact on the operations of public bodies and corporations. This implies a clear need for a holistic approach during the critical appraisal of health technologies awaiting reimbursement. Thus, all our activities are guided by the vision of a healthcare system which utilizes resources in a rational, fair and equitable manner, constantly evaluating the ratio of health benefits and required budgetary resources.


Besides our everyday tasks of providing critical appraisals (expert opinions) of reimbursement submissions, we are also engaged in local, regional and international co-operations, and disseminate our achievements to our professional partners, as well as to the general public. We also take educational responsibilities as invited university lecturers.

What we do


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